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In this Demo of the Funeral Notification Report the public sees, some of the features have been de-activated.

With Heavy Hearts And Our Deepest Sorrows We Are Informing You Of The Passing Away Of Rex Our Beloved Companion of 15yrs on 22 April

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
24 Jan
My Home
47522 Dundas St W Toronto ON

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Snowball my baba...We miss you very much. You're my one and only pet and brought so much joy to anyone you met, especially to our family in the short 16 years, 7 months you've been with us. You're an amazing part of our life, so full of energy with all the antics you pulled. You've given everyone so much love. We wanted more time with you but your weak body just could not carry on much further and we knew it was time. But your spunky spirit will always live on, in our hearts and mind. You are my/our baby, the 11th cousin in the family lol! You stole everyone's heart but most of all mine, and is my forever love. Before I met your dad, you were my trusty sidekick, my buddy, my ever loyal company. All the years we've been together were so special and will never be forgotten. You loved our weekend car rides, daily walks (in any kind of weather), your play time with friends, being on all of mom's and family parties - and of course sampling all the food! I didn't want to feed you too much human food but how could I ever resist that cute face of yours? .

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